National Radio Day – 20 August

National Radio Day – 20 August :  Now this time to celebrate National Radio Day which also celebrated on 14th August 2017. So friends if you don’t know about National Radio Day than you don’t worry because here we also provide you the best knowledge of the National Radio Day. I know now this time everyone know about TV, LED my somewhere someone don’t know about Radio. So friends first we tell you that what is radio and than we also provide a pictures of this and you and enjoy this National Radio Day festival.

What is Radio.. ?

Radio is one of the Electronic product which use anywhere without electricity. In this you can  not see the pictures but you also listen the program. This product you also use in your cars and Bus and Shop. and you enjoy the music and News. So friends Hope you also understand about this that what is Radio. So friends now this time to celebrate National Radio Day.

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